Adriano Pecchio







Adriano Pecchio

Adriano Pecchio

Magenta, Milano


I' m a autodidact photographer specialized in architecture, interior design and fine art, living and working in Magenta, near to Milan.
I have begun to photograph at very young age and I have opened my photography studio in 1982, specializing in industrial and commercial photography. In 1986 I began working with major publishers like Mondadori, Rusconi, Elemond, Rima Editrice, Alberto Greco Editore and others. Year after year, the photography of architecture and interior design becomes my main activity and my photos appear on the main magazines of the sector, like Casaviva, Casa Facile, Riabita, GdA, Ville e Casali, Casa & Giardino, la Mia Casa, Brava Casa, Ville & Giardini, 20 Casas, Elle Decoration UK, Case&Campo, Viva Deco and others.
Today, I want to introduce my abstract photos, that are become a vital experience for my existence. They are the result of a research in constantly evolving, wich I am conducting for to find and to deepen, the dialogue, the emotional relationship between 'solid and light', between 'material and color', between 'space and form' seamless, released from mere functional relationship compared to man and environment. Looking in their forms expressed, new possible interpretations, hidden, intrinsic in their nature in continue metamorphosis.
Unexpected details of our everyday that we look, without seeing, their real essence in relation to the whole.


the red ring the enterprise




Black lines on green background




The world




Flames Two


Flames One


columns in the square


Under construction six


under construction 5


under construction one


under construction three


under construction four


under construction two


blue flowers


New machine


Red shoe


Abstract digital art Bubbles Flowers




Green square


green gear


Red Skyscraper


New machine


Door with a cross